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Swimming Pools

There are 8 swimming pools at the Rixos Premium Tekirova. The main pool located in the garden covers 3319 sqm and is the ideal place for sunbathing. The pool is 140 cm deep and in compliance with international standards. The kids' pool situated in the same area covers 62 sqm and adds joy to the holidays of our little guests. In the Rixy Kids Club there is the Rixy Aqua Park for children, which has pool of 698 sqm. The indoor swimming pool, situated in the relaxing SPA area, covers 220 sqm and is 140 cm deep. There are more swimming pools located in the villa area at Rixos Premium Tekirova.  The private swimming pool for guests of the Pool Villas covers 5548 sqm and is 140 cm deep. There is also a pool for guests of the Pool Suites, which is 700 sqm. Furthermore, the Rixos Premium Tekirova has a swimming pool of 4450 sqm for the private use of Executive Villa guests, in addition to a 50 sqm swimming pool for the private use of Superior Villa guests. At the hotel there is also an Aquapark with 9 waterslides, with pools of 131 sqm and 137 sqm.


 Surf Safari

 Feel the Adrenaline!

 Featuring a 40-degree sloped entrance and a unique design creating illusions pump up your adrenaline. 

 Grab your boat and start feeling the heart  beat with your friends. Special geometric shapes, 

 long shifts and crazy thrills make you feel the adrenaline rush.




 Ready, Set and Slide!

 Grab a racer mat and take yor friend on a dueling fast competitive  plunge to the finish line. Windigo is a

 sophisticated, thrill ride that starts with  enclosed aquatube slides transforming into high speed multiracer

 lanes. Set your clock, race and have fun with your friends. Biggest thrill ever.


 Looping Rocket

 What is the craziest thing you have ever done in your life?

 Get ready for one of the highest drops you can experience. As soon as the valves are open you will feel the

 adrenaline rush.


 Body Slide / Free Fall

 Starting off with a dark and twisty feeling of uncertainty the body slides take the water to the top and let it

 flow through a flume, letting the rider  slide to the bottom by the use of gravity. Maximum security, great mix

 of adrenaline and fun.


 Black Hole / Flying Boats / Rafting Slide

 With the combination of the four slides, starts a long mysterious journey. At the begining, the Black Hole 's

 unique natural effect,  gives you the  thrill of rafting.The dark mystery continues with the sudden onset of

 Flying Boats and Rafting Slides pumping more adrenaline through your body.


 Space Boat

 The thrill of Space Hole and Black Hole combined in one slide. Drop into the darkness and feel the thrill and

 excitement. Single or double boat tours take you on a mysterious journey until the moment you fall into fresh





 Enjoy the excitement with your loved ones! The special design gives you different experiences, sphere bowls

 are connected with each other for your  thrill when you are sliding top to bottom. Different bowls connect you

 to different experiences. The excitement never stops. It is a two person ride.


 Lazy River

 Once in a while everbody wants to be lazy! After all those crazy slides you might need some rest. The Lazy

 River is the place where you want to  enjoy the cold water and beautiful Mediterranean sun. The only thing you

 have to do - be lazy.




Our play structures invite you to have fun! Tipping buckets, slides, net climbs, water cannons and water all around, our play structures are surely the center of fun.

Children will love it for sure, but they will not be alone. You will love this entertainment as much as they do.

Studies show, that children learn best when allowed to actively explore their environment, which is fun and appeals to their natural curiosity and desire to learn. Our play structures serve this purpose as well. We provide an environment where children are free to move, play and explore safely.

The Rixy Tower includes 4 slides and 1 Lazy River. Its height is 11 meter.

Note: Before 1 of May and after 1 of October aquapark, beach and pools work according to weather conditions and commitment. 

  • Rixos Premium Tekirova

    Rixos Premium Tekirova


  • Rixos Premium Tekirova

    Rixos Premium Tekirova


  • Rixos Premium Tekirova

    Rixos Premium Tekirova


  • Rixos Premium Tekirova

    Rixos Premium Tekirova


  • Rixos Premium Tekirova

    Rixos Premium Tekirova


  • Rixos Premium Tekirova

    Rixos Premium Tekirova