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Combining the history, culture and nature on an exquisite geography, you will feel the privilege of Rixos Premium Tekirova in Antalya. Rixos Premium Tekirova enjoys a specific location on the mountain skirts of the mythological mountains surrounded by pine trees in Tekirova, one of the turquoise corners of Mediterranean. Situated in 60 km distance from the city centre in Antakya, the hotel is in 73 km distance from Antalya Airport. Rixos Premium Tekirova is admired for its atmosphere and its location is in close distance from a number touristic and historical venues.


Functioning as one of the most important cities of port for the ancient Lycia, Olumpus is preserved as an archaeological and natural site. You can visit Cirali and Adrasan next to it, and spend your time on the nature as your heart desires. With its mythological atmosphere, Olumpus is absolutely a must-see destination. Its exquisite natural beauties, Lycian walking tracks, loggerheads, seafront ancient city ruins, and Yanartas the eternal fire are waiting to be discovered.

Ancient City of Phaselis

Established by the Rhodians in Century VII B.C., Phaselis is also an ancient port city. It has a rich history and is crucial for its ruins, historical amphitheatre, aqueduct, agora and baths. Combining history and the sea, it is an ancient settlement where ancient ruins enrich your holiday experience. You may breathe the historical tissue in Phaselis, which s a must see venue.

Three Islands

Recognised as a famous diving centre, the Three Islands are one of the rare diving centres compatible with the world standards situated in the west of Antalya. The diving centre is indispensable for underwater enthusiasts. The wide diving centre incorporates 9 reefs, particularly the Canyon Reef, and 2 underground caves. The Three Islands are one of the remarkable venues works seeing for diving enthusiasts during their stay at Rixos Premium Tekirova.

Beldibi Cave

Situated in Obakoy locality, Beldibi Mountain is a regular destination for many tourists as it is a popular spot for nature enthusiasts. As one of the most important prehistoric centres in Antalya, the excavations at Beldibi Cave revealed tools pertaining to upper Palaeolithic era and Mesolithic era. Surround by pinewoods, the cave is an archaeological site open for domestic and foreign tourists.


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